“PPMP events are geared towards gaining valuable insights into PMO and PPM best practices, methodologies and success stories”

-P.N., Director, Hitachi Data Systems

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-S.B., Director, Applied Materials



Developing a successful Project Portfolio governance model is very rewarding. Adopting best practices and lessons learned from that effort are even better.  But what could be the icing on top is sharing that experience with others – that’s leadership 

Writing an article is a great way for thought leaders like yourself to contribute to the world of knowledge share in your field.  The PPMP Committee accepts relevant topics from members and non-members for publishing on our blogs and social media channels.  We can also help you with gaining interest from a number of journals.  And of course it is a great way to gain some great exposure with your peers.

The process is simple.  You just need to submit your topic to the steering committee and work with our team on logistics.  Your submission will need to consist of an abstract of the article you would like to have published.

It’s a perfect time to contribute and become a member of PPM Professionals.

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