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How to Finish Every Project Strong

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It's important to finish projects strong, and not limp across the finish line.

You may be finishing your projects, but are you ending on a high note or are you limping across the finish line? A recent Project Smart article lists four steps that will help you finish each project strong.

Just like athletes, project portfolio management professionals need to train hard. That means staying up to date on best practices, PMO resources and project trends. If it looks like this project is going to be a marathon, schedule regular training sessions to keep everyone fresh and up to date. Next, plan ahead so you understand what it's going to take to follow through and finish the project. Make sure your team understand all deadlines they will need to meet and tasks they will need to complete, and revise this plan as the project changes.

Then, take the time to look back at how the project has progressed so far. Runners aren't supposed to look back during a race, but project managers need to review project data. Use this past data to plan for the remainder of the project, and revise any deadlines that need to be updated.

Finally, focus on what's happening with the project right now. Getting lost in the past or the future can keep you from accomplishing what needs to be done now, so stay in the moment. Proper planning and data analysis can set your project up for success, but the most important lesson is to focus on what needs to be done right now. That way, you will hit the finish line strong. 

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