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How to Know When a Project is Really Ready to Begin

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Planning is a critical part of any successful project.

When it comes to project management, how quickly you plan and launch a project can be the difference between success and failure. A recent article in CIO discusses what you can do to make sure you are not starting a project before it's really ready.

Although there may be pressure from management to begin working on a project immediately, sometimes doing so can lead to serious setbacks. Any project requires the proper funding, planning and resources to be ready to go. While making sure the money is there to support a project may seem obvious, it is essential to pin down exactly what funding is available now and in the future. Similarly, do you have all of the resources available to support the project as soon as it begins? Even if a superior is putting on the pressure to get the project going, it will not succeed without the staffing and resources. A company may be eager to take on new clients but will suffer serious setbacks, not to mention credibility loss, if they don't have what it takes to carry several new projects to fruition.

It can take a lot to make a project happen, but the key is to get on the same page with the client before the project begins. This means conducting a thorough assessment of what needs to be accomplished and specific detail about what it will take to get there. Does the client fully understand the requirements of the project they are asking for? If they don't, providing even a simple training can help foster a clear understanding before charting the path to completion. And of course, while it is always exciting to launch a new project, the question must always be asked by both parties if the project is worth the cost and resources it will require to complete. It is clear that adequate advanced planning and budgeting will go a long way to ensure that a project is not only possible, but completed on time and on within budget.

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